13 Nov 2019

4 questions to ask yourself before going on a humanitarian mission

Image 4 questions to ask yourself before going on a humanitarian mission

Committing as a volunteer is a way of acting for making the world a better place. Some people may indeed want to invest in NGOs to act concretely on the ground. However, we must take the time to study the project well and not act on a whim. A humanitarian mission cannot be improvised and must be thoughtfully organized.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself before enrolling for a humanitarian mission

1- What are my incentives?

Before embarking on a humanitarian mission, it is essential to analyze one's motivations first and for most. Motivations can be explicit or conscious such as professional motivation, solidarity or sharing, economic motivation, etc. Going on a humanitarian mission is an opportunity to help others, but also to enrich oneself on a professional and personal level.

The desire to go on a mission can also come from unconscious concepts such as:

  • Self-discovery, 
  • The desire for change, 
  • The will to break up and become autonomous.

The knowledge of one's real motivations makes it possible to better choose the project as well as the country to go to. Volunteering for humanitarian mission is not for you if your motivation is one of the following: 

  • The search for exoticism or a simple tourist curiosity, 
  • To enrich one's CV,
  • To board the flight of a renowned airline company and illusion of success abroad.

It is essential to set your motivations and objectives clear in your mind before departure in order to avoid disappointment.

2- Which sector to invest in?

We must also take the time to look for the association whose objectives align with our values. There are indeed many areas to invest in like health, environmental protection, intergenerational solidarity or the promotion of peace like that advocated by Prem Rawat.

You only need to choose the area that makes the most sense for you and defines your role. The association with which you will be volunteering must also be approved by the State.

3- What skills can I put at the service of others?

We must also ask ourselves if our desires are in adequacy with our abilities. We have to have an overall understanding of the situation in the place we are intending to go to and therefore know how we can be helpful? Some missions require special skills and others do not.

Not having the required experience should not be a hindrance to helping others. It is possible to invest in a local association and volunteer at home to train oneself. It is also possible to participate by donating to associations or foundations like that of Prem Rawat. These donations help to meet basic needs such as food, water, etc.

4- Who will cover my expenses?

It is also necessary to choose a setting before going on a humanitarian mission. There are different settings to choose from. It is possible to go through a non-governmental organization. In this case, all expenses such as airfare, visa, vaccines, insurance, etc. will be on them.

There is also the possibility of going through a gap year program where the school can help find funding, and also validate the experience. Going on a university internship is another option to receive scholarships and volunteers. Finally, it is advised to choose international volunteering that can provide remuneration under certain conditions.